OLYMP is one of the largest wineries in Russia and one of the top three Kuban wines producers. Since 2017, the strategic partner of the company is LUDING, multicorporate enterprise, one of the leaders of the alcohol market operators.
More than 1250 hectares of own vineyards
Own quality-testing laboratory at the plant
Productivity of more than 20,000,000 liters of "still wines" per year
Modern technological processes in production
The OLYMP plant owes its success to the Kuban unique nature and the people working at the plant.
Vineyards in Kuban
The vineyards of the plant are located on the agricultural site of the agrarian company "Rodina" in Krasnodar Territory.

Currently, out of 1,250 hectares of the land, 350 hectares are occupied by fruit-bearing vineyards and 950 hectares of fertile land are assigned and prepared for planting of autochthonous and classic grape varieties from the best nursery-gardens of the Old World, the Krasnodar territory and the Crimean Peninsula. It is planned to develop 300 additional hectares annually.

The winegrowers of the enterprise monitor carefully the condition of the plantings: they keep the ripening of grapes under their control, determine the time of vine shoots tying/pruning and the time of harvesting.

The region has the unique climatic growing conditions for both popular international and autochthonous grape varieties, which makes it possible to obtain the wine of the exceptional quality.

The grapes are harvested by hand and sent to our processing shop equipped with the modern machines. The total time of grapes transportation from time of their cutting to the beginning of the primary processing does not exceed two hours.

The OLYMP plant's possession of the own vineyards makes it possible that the LUDING Group as the enterprise strategic partner is able to build the vertical integration from a vine shoot to the end customers, while maintaining the high quality and the optimal prices for the finished products.
Vineyards in Kuban
Kuban is a unique natural region. In the 1870s, it was proved that the climate of the territory in vicinity of Novorossiysk is almost identical to the climate of French Champagne. The "Kuban wine" is the brand recognized not only in Russia, but far beyond its borders.

At the initial stage of winemaking in Kuban, France had the greatest influence on its development as by that time France had already become the main wine-making power of the world. The tsar's elite representatives brought the most valuable varieties of French grapes to the Kuban. Also they brought the technology of their cultivation and processing.
ISO Certificate
Compliance of the Olymp plant
with the international management protocol
"Roskachestvo", Russian quality
High appreciation for the development of Russian winemaking and high quality products
Golden medal
International professional competition of beverages
Golden medal
International professional competition of beverages
The partners of the OLYMP plant are leading manufacturers, retail companies and logistics companies
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