The vineyards of the OLYMP plant are located in the unique area of Kuban.
In addition to the advantageous geographical location in the favorable climatic zone (due to the temperate continental climate), the most important factors determining the choice of the grape varieties and the place of the vines planting are the microclimate and the soil. The composition and the structure of the soils of the region, where the grapes grow, have the significant impact on the quality of the future wine.

From this point of view, the north-west of the Krasnodar Territory with its soil and climatic conditions is one of the most favorable places in Russia for growing grapes. It was here, in 2004, that the OLYMP winery was founded. Today it is one of the largest participants in the Russian wine market.
The area of the company's own vineyards is 1,250 hectares and here the following international varieties are grown:
Cabernet Sauvignon
Sauvignon Blanc
The special pride of the company is krasnostop, the autochthonous variety, which produces rich tannic wines
with a very bright bouquet of tastes.
Grapes harvested by hand are sent to the processing shop, where their transformation begins into the fragrant wine.

The transportation (from the vineyards, where the grapes are cut, to the shop of their primary processing) takes no more than two hours so that the berries do not begin to lost their quality.
Vineyards of the Olymp winery
The entire process of the grapes growing and maturing is strictly controlled by the experienced employees of the plant, who determine the grapes condition, the time of shoots pruning and the vines gartering and harvesting. That is why the company can guarantee the quality of its raw materials. After all, from them, one of the best Kuban wines is made.
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